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The Metaverse is bridging our existing Real-World and Digital World beyond your imagination!

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Throughout history, Technology made jumps that created entirely new industries and economies, and now another jump is happening as you are reading this article, it is called the Metaverse and it will change how everything works.

“Will Meta make everything better”, ever since Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook will take the initiative to explore metaverse at an institutional level, every news outlet started to paint out this dystopian future where all of us are doomed to be mindless robots in a cog. A Ready Player One meets the Matrix, where the Zuck controls everything. This article is not about big companies trying to build the matrix, but about you understanding what’s happening and how you can profit from it. The best way to understand this is to look at something of a smaller scale — the multiverse. The new Ariana Grande concert did a full production concert inside the renowned game, Fortnite has caught everyone’s eyeballs and attention recently. Imagine telling someone a couple of years ago that in 2021, Ariana Grande will tour in Fortnite and you could fly with the singer during the event, people will think you are out of your mind or being insane. It did however manage to create a unique experience with a completely new level of interaction, which is similar to what happened with Travis Scott last year, attracting forty-five million viewers participating. What this type of experience does well is connecting something from the real-world with something from the virtual world and such circumstances do not only happen in concerts but are widespread across all industries at the same time. There are streaming companies like Netflix making video games while video game companies like Riot making Netflix shows, resulting in a disruption of how we interact with both worlds and what is possible.

So what exactly is the Metaverse?

Saying what the Metaverse is now is like saying what the internet was in the 90s. Back till the time, there was no concept of social media, content creators, sharing platforms, trading platforms, let alone platforms that make other platforms. People were astonished by the creation of a modem that they recognized as glimpsing the future with nothing more than a phone line with only a few dollars a month. Technically the Metaverse is whatever we build on it and it sits at the crossroads of web 3.0, blockchain, and virtual reality, combining these three elements that make it possible. Starting with web 3.0, which is the next version of the internet and surpasses the capacities of both web 1.0 and web 2.0. Web 1.0 looked like that website just a page with a bunch of text and some hyperlinks to more pages with more text so there is no interaction or user-generated content. Web 2.0 is largely community-based and most user-generated contents are highly interactive and users can do a bunch of stuff on it. It is worth noting that the only thing you can buy and own on the internet is a domain name and everything else is owned by corporations. Examples like people who can create videos on Youtube to interact with audiences or do business on the platform yet provided that Youtube does not like the content, it could just simply put it down, or even ban the content creator’s account.

People are not satisfied with the current relationship with the internet thus leading us to the change to web 3.0. The most important thing users can do on web 3.0 is own parts of the internet, in which everything that they make, buy, or sell on the internet is truly owned by them and they have the full rights. This is due to the invention of blockchain, or more specifically because of NFTs that there are also the foundation blocks of value in the Metaverse. The value of an NFT is how much those who embrace it decide that it is worth and it provides ownership because it can be tracked in the blockchain that cannot be copied. It is also such individual ownership that allows creators to profit from their creation without other parties being involved. People have this way of truly owning something and using it in the context of web 3.0 and virtual reality. Virtual is just part of the Metaverse and there will be a natural technological progression that leads us to more advanced technology and ways to communicate like holograms. It is fundamentally wrong for someone to say Facebook is building the Metaverse because they do not own the internet, the blockchain, or virtual reality. For the uneducated, this means wasting money on pixels to buy lands in video games, yet for the educated, it’s the first step in owning parts of video games and they foresee themselves as a digital real estate investor in the next ten years.

Here we have Solice, the first cross platform VR metaverse on the Solana blockchain. Solice is an open 3D world with limitless possibilities: a VR metaverse where users can play, build, own, socialize, and monetize their virtual experiences in an immersive way on the Solana blockchain. Solice is also the interconnected metaverse of virtual worlds, NFTs, and communities. Solice was created by a team of senior software engineers, crypto & DeFi natives, IT architects, creative designers, and VR and gaming technologists in multinational blockchain tech and VR/AR/XR companies. This project came with three aims: to secure users’ privacy, to maximize the immersiveness of metaverses, and to enable interoperability across platforms and blockchains. Solice aim to improve the overall user experience, connecting them through interoperability across the metaverse. It solves the lack of immersiveness and asset ownership for users while maintaining visual performance. By enabling the Solice metaverse on VR, users will get a more immersive feeling to fully enjoy themselves within this virtual metaverse. While Solice is made to interact with VR, it is also available without a VR system.

Here’s what the Solice Metaverse consists of:

  • Solice ID: Solice ID is what you’ll use to get access to the metaverse. Users will be able to connect their wallets to their Solice ID for identification, without giving out any unnecessary information.

  • Editor: The editor program is a stand-alone SDK that enables users to create their own assets and mini-games, provided it meets requirements. Users then turn these assets into virtual tokens (NFTs) for digital scarcity, security, and authenticity. These can be displayed/played within the Solice metaverse.

  • User-Designed Revenue Model: Solice allows users to opt into revenue generation, with revenue models they can design themselves. A simple revenue model would be to charge an entrance fee for access to a piece of land or a building. For example, an art gallery, arcade, live concert, and personal NFT collection hall could all be monetized with this model.

  • Item Crafting System: Users can obtain ingredients and materials within the metaverse. Those ingredients and materials can then be crafted into complete NFT assets, which causes the asset to increase in rarity and scarcity.

  • Play-to-Earn: In a later stage, we’ll be introducing a Play-to-Earn mechanism into the metaverse. We’re working on dungeons, mini-games, and quests that reward users.

  • DeFi Components: The Solice metaverse draws on innovative DeFi protocols to offer exciting features. For example, we added a utility to the land plots so users can perform Land Staking, allowing users to stake tokens on their land plots to obtain extra APY rewards while offering chances of obtaining rare materials and ingredients at the same time.

  • Pet System: There’ll be plenty of pets in the Solice metaverse, all with different attributes and a varying rarity level. Those elements will inform various APY rates, giving users a stronger chance of obtaining rare items, like gemstones — or Eggs, which can be hatched into new pets!

  • Marketplace: The Marketplace is not just a web-based exchange center. Unique to other projects, we will be launching the Marketplace within the Solice metaverse, where users will be able to see objects in 3D VR, giving potential buyers a more immersive, customer-centric experience.

Solice is also backed by all top tier investors like Three Arrows Capital, DeFinance Capital, Animoca Brand, Double Peak Group, Skyvision Capital, you name it, showcasing the strong support of this project and the high expectations and recognition investors are embracing towards Solice. We’re only just seeing the first steps of metaverse adoption, and Solice is committed to driving it forward, offering immersive blockchain-powered experiences and innovative cross-technology features.

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