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We raise the bar for what blockchain start-up founders should expect from venture investors, we get our hands dirty to support start-ups to achieve their goals. We also believe that creating something of true significance takes time to inflect, that is why we committed to back you up for a long time.

Enzac Research partners with blockchain start-up founders to achieve their goals, helping them on various topics including token economics research, token ecosystem, pitch deck design, go-to-market strategy, partnership with VCs / launchpads / exchanges & community management.

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Enzac Research was founded in 2021. Since our establishment, we’ve partnered with a number of blockchain start-ups to disrupt the world. Enzac is more than an Investor, we are an Advisor x Incubator, dedicated to providing you the necessary support to turn your great ideas into reality.

We adopt a philosophy of value investing and making key investments with a long time horizon in early stage funding rounds and secondary markets. With a strong focus on driving digital innovation and providing added values, Enzac Research ensures long term success for their partners and community.

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Our Value Proposition

Institutional background

We are experienced professionals from MBB consulting and Tier-1 Banking. We understand how organisations work and how you can disrupt the world

Vast Network

We have a vast network of advisors and partners in the blockchain and institutional space

Here to support founders, by founders

We are founders ourselves so we understand the struggles and challenges of running a start-up

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Research / Investment Thesis

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Heros of Mavia - Investment Thesis

Colizeum - Investment Thesis

ARTEM - Investment Thesis

Apeiron - Investment Thesis

Aradena - Investment Thesis

NEST - Investment Thesis

Infinity Force - Investment Thesis

Single Finance - Investment Thesis


Enzac Article Paper

We educate communities, linking projects from a macro trend.

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CEO - Andy Chan

Enzac Research was instrumental in helping us pave our way to a successful launch and subsequent expansion. We have worked with their team since our platform’s inception, as they provided helpful insights about how to position ourselves in the crypto market and innovative solutions for our branding. They generously shared the skill and knowledge - as well as an extensive network of connections - needed to navigate the fast-changing blockchain arena. Their contributions were incredibly valuable to our growth and evolution, and we’d recommend Enzac Research to any start-ups looking for meaningful support from an advisor/investor.


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